Legal Services.



Cockburn & Co. provide a wide range of legal services including :



Buying and Selling Property

Whether it's your first house purchase; selling and moving to a larger property, downsizing or looking to buy to rent, we can provide the expertise you need for every step along the way from submitting or receiving an offer for your house to the day the keys are handed over. We have an extensive knowledge of properties in the local area.



Wills and Powers of Attorney

We can advise and help you in drawing up your will or preparing a Power of Attorney which can be used when someone becomes unable to manage their own affairs.




Winding up Estates

This can be a difficult time for families but we can help and advise on the practicalities of what has to be attended to and the paperwork involved.




Family Law

Advice and help available for family matters including separation agreements, financial arrangements, divorce and matters relating to children.





Advice available on matters relating to employment, unfair dismissal, redundancies and settlement agreements.




Commercial Matters

Leases for commercial premises, contracts, partnerships, starting up a business.




Accident Claims and Contract Disputes

We are happy to advise and deal with these situations.




If there is anything you would like to discuss then please call us. Our main office is on the first floor of Burngill Place, Bridge of Weir but if you would prefer to use our ground floor office please ask and we can arrange this for you. We are also happy to make house calls in the local area.


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